Friday, April 8, 2011

Backpacking Water Filters, Help to Keep Things Clean

Many people enjoy pursing the hobby of backpacking, but one issue that they do not enjoy is the lack of safe water. Because of the increasing pollution in the streams, rivers, creeks and other bodies of water, a backpacker has to carry their own water with them to be sure that the water is unpolluted. Carrying water to last for a day hike or longer can be very inconvenient at times and in these types of situations, it makes sense to utilize backpacking water filters for the trip. By using one of these portable filters, you can convert dangerous water into water that is safe for human consumption.

Backpacking Water Filters

Backpacking water filters come in a few different styles, but the most common is the bottle type. With this type of filter, the bottle has an attached filter and one can squeeze the water through the filter where it is cleaned of the various waste and bacteria. This makes it easy when one is on a backpacking excursion or even a hike to only carry a bottle of water and then be able to fill up again at a water source along the trail.

In addition to hiking uses, a backpacking water filter can be beneficial for those who cycle, walk, run or any other type of outdoor activity where keeping hydrated can become an issue. These water filters are very simple to use and quite lightweight. There is a variety of styles to choose from and many are quite inexpensive. Most bottle types work best for a single individual, whereas other types of filters can be used for larger groups of people.

Backpacking Water Filter Systems

Water filters are a wonderful way to make sure the water that is being used for cooking or drinking does not contain the harmful bacteria and other contaminants that can be found in most sources of water today. There have been many studies that show that most water is full of harmful properties that can result in health issues if consumed. In addition, a backpacking water filter can be beneficial at home as well. Most tap water is unhealthy. Even though water is treated at large municipal water treatment facilities, all the contaminants are not removed. Once the water travels through the pipes to a home’s water faucet, it may have also picked up other dangerous sediments as well. With a bottle type water filter, water can be filtered before it is used for drinking purposes. In most cases, this filtered water is better for a person than even bottled water and it is definitely less expensive

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