Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Outdoor Water Purifier Models

We all like to draw our water from nature when camping or hiking, but even a stream that looks clean may not be. Microorganisms most often come from animal and human waste and are spread by water run-off. Since we can’t visually detect contaminated water, it’s best to protect yourself with a water purifier.

fastest portable UV water purifier available

Thousands of outdoor enthusiasts all over the world have trusted SteriPEN for many years. Introduced to hikers and campers at REI in 1999, TIME Magazine named the SteriPEN one of the “Best Inventions of the Year” in 2001.

Outdoor Water Purifier Models

Now known as the first and fastest portable UV water purifier available, SteriPEN’s speed, effectiveness and portability have impressed end users and media alike. Backpacker Magazine, Newsweek, and the Today Show have featured SteriPEN as a powerful, user-friendly alternative to pumps, chemicals and filters.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Outdoor Water Filter Systems at Gaiam.Com

Gaiam is a lifestyle media company that focuses on conscious solutions for personal transformation. "We offer the resources you need to achieve self-growth, live a healthy lifestyle or to positively transform your life.


Our personal growth media empowers you to create your own personal development path toward the life transformation you seek". Your skin soaks up chemicals from everything it touches, and harmful bacteria can grow unchecked in old showerheads. Protect your health with a Gaiam showerhead that has a replaceable filter designed to remove unpleasant chemicals and harmful toxins. You’ll protect your skin and start your day feeling clean and fresh.

Outdoor Water Filter Systems at Gaiam.Com

The Rain Shower Filter uses a unique filter to pH balance your tap water while eliminating contaminants and harmful chlorine vapors. The RainShower Filter's patented filtration system offers multiple health benefits while leaving your hair and skin silky smooth.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Smart-Camping-Guide.Com - Backpacking Water Filter Systems

For many enthusiasts a backpacking water filter is essential gear needed, since we can only carry so much water in a pack and the risk of drinking water without backpacking filters from a stream or other source is just not worth the risk.

There are many quality backpacking and hiking water filters on the market that consumers and we found are just the ticket for needing a compact but effective unit at an affordable cost which are supplied by the popular Katadyn and MSR brands.

Smart-Camping-Guide.Com - Backpacking Water Filter Systems

If you're new to buying water purifying and filtering systems for the outdoors we would advise you to take a look at the Camping water filter and purifiers guide to gain a better understanding of how they function and which type is best suited for you.

We take a look at the best filters on the market today that outdoor enthusiasts have put to the test that should provide a good idea of where you want be spending your hard earned cash.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

DrinkSafe-Systems.Co.Uk - Portable Water Purifiers

Drinksafe-systems use a patented filter. The filter is a highly complex device and must trap and retain debris, attract and absorb chemicals and compounds, removing the threat from causes of disease and sickness that may be found in freshwater sources.

Unlike other systems our tests were conducted on live disease causes and were proven to remove threats instantly - conducted by UK Government Environment Agency National Laboratory Service.

Drinksafe-systems use a patented filter

The purified water filter used by drinksafe-systems is the result of 35 years water technology expertise provided by a USA company and tested worldwide.

Over 3 million filter systems have been made and supplied to peacekeeping forces, Aid Agencies including the Red Cross and overseas missions – delivering safe clean tasting water worldwide. 45,00 units were shipped 2010 Haiti Disaster Relief alone.

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