Wednesday, November 2, 2011

DrinkSafe-Systems.Co.Uk - Portable Water Purifiers

Drinksafe-systems use a patented filter. The filter is a highly complex device and must trap and retain debris, attract and absorb chemicals and compounds, removing the threat from causes of disease and sickness that may be found in freshwater sources.

Unlike other systems our tests were conducted on live disease causes and were proven to remove threats instantly - conducted by UK Government Environment Agency National Laboratory Service.

Drinksafe-systems use a patented filter

The purified water filter used by drinksafe-systems is the result of 35 years water technology expertise provided by a USA company and tested worldwide.

Over 3 million filter systems have been made and supplied to peacekeeping forces, Aid Agencies including the Red Cross and overseas missions – delivering safe clean tasting water worldwide. 45,00 units were shipped 2010 Haiti Disaster Relief alone.

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