Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Choose a Outdoor Water Filter - Tips at TotallyDrinkable.com

Outdoor water filters have come a long way in recent years, thanks to new technology and knowledge about what contaminants make water unsafe to drink.
Outdoor Water Filter - Tips at TotallyDrinkable.com When spending time in the outdoors, it is essential to have a clean source of drinking water, but if you're hiking or biking, it is impossible to carry enough water to sustain yourself for a long trip into the back country.
Choose a Outdoor Water Filter - Tips at TotallyDrinkable.com There are several different types of compact outdoor water filters you can use, depending on your needs. Individual water bottles are now available with built-in filters capable of transforming virtually any water into clean fresh drinking water. Just fill the bottle from any lake or river and let the filter do its work.

For camping trips or when hiking in groups, you may choose a pump style filter with a larger capacity. Another design that can be convenient when camping is a hanging bag filter that can be suspended from any tree, dispensing clean water as needed from the bottom.

One advantage of the bag style filter is that it is very compact to carry because there is no bulky canister to accommodate. There is also an innovative filtered drinking straw available that will clean up to 500 litres of water (approximately 9 months of use) It has a safety cut-off that prevents water from passing through it once the filter reaches its capacity.

Outdoor water filters are great for the outdoors, but they are also extremely helpful when travelling in foreign countries where the quality of the water supply is questionable. A filtered drinking straw can be discreetly used in restaurants, pubs or anywhere else you might drink the local water.

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